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chiang mai flower festival 2017

When: February 3rd thru February 5th, 2017
Where: Mueang Chiang Mai

2017 Schedule of Events Updated Friday morning Feb. 3rd

Chiang Mai Flower Festival

Flowers, Flowers, Flowers at the Chiang Mai Flower Festival!

The Chiang Mai Flower Festival is one of the top three events held in Chiang Mai every year, only behind Loi Krathong and Songkran in size and scope. For at least three days the Chiang Mai Flower Festival will consume the entire center and surrounding area of Mueang Chiang Mai’s old city.

Don’t miss the parade of flowers as it’s one of the highlights of the festival with over 20 highly decorated floats. The parade will begin at the Ping River on the Narawat bridge and run along Tha Phae Rd and more or less ends at Tha Phae Gate (parade route) but the all floats and some paraders continue to Nong Buak Hard Public Park where the floats are parked. Inside the park you’ll find elaborate flower arrangements on display. Don’t miss this, it’s really quite beautiful.

Around the corner from the park the exhibit booths begin. Here you’ll find a breathtaking assortment of plants and flowers on display. The exhibit booths are erected specifically for the Chiang Mai Flower Festival. The exhibition area will be open to pedestrian traffic only, something to consider if you plan to drive or use a songthaew (red car) to get around the old city. Traffic will be a nightmare so park away from the hot spots and either walk, bike, scooter or consider grabbing tuk-tuk until it can go no further.

Though the flower festival lasts for only three days, there is a flower festival season in Chiang Mai as well. This festival can be found at the Royal Park Rajapruek (also known as the Royal Flora). It runs for something like two months and ends at the end of February. I’ve yet to visit the Royal Flora but I’ve many good things from people who have visited. It’s not far from the center of Chiang Mai, and if you’re a flower and plant lover, you probably shouldn’t miss this.

Chiang Mai Flower Festival 2014

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Chiang Mai Flower Festival, woman on float

Muang Chiang Mai (Mueang = City)

  • Jim

    Hi, what time does the parade normally start? Is the parade on daily during the length of the festival? Thanks, Jim

    • Hi Jim, According to the draft copy of the event schedule that I’m in possession of, the parade is only one day and it on Saturday, February 4th and starts at 8am. That said, these parades almost never start on time but its better to be early than late. You can find a link to a copy of the entire schedule at the top of the page. Enjoy, its a great festival and parade!