Sabai Sabai (It's all good)

Happy Songkran (Water) Festival (Thai New Year)

Sunday, April 13th thru Wednesday, April 16th


Here it comes again, the largest water fight in the world or so it is known for. I can hear the cries for submission already, “not in the face, not in the face!” as blasts of freezing cold water are squirted, thrown and dumped, (sometimes with force) from water-guns, hand-pumps and buckets at the driest targets in the crowd. Of course they are the most fun people to target, but the dry come hard to find in the most crowded parts of old square of Chiang Mai, which is anywhere along the moat that surrounds the old city, and it gets even more crowed at the epicenter which is Thae Pae Gate, which is located in the middle of the east side of the moat. There are four main gates that are nearly in the middle of each side of the moat, Chiang Puerk gate (north), Thae Pae Gate (East), Chiang Mai Gate (South), and Suan Dok (West).


For 2014 I’ll be heading down to Ayutthaya to bring in the Thai New Year for what is considered to be a more traditional Songkran celebration. When done, I‘ll share my experience with lots of pictures, video and thoughts, plus information on Ayutthaya, i.e., getting there, maps, tourist office and more.

*Note: Songkran is recognized as a national public holiday. Thailand has sixteen public holidays that are observed by both private and public institutions.

Happy Songkran!


Songkran - Nationwide Celebration