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jai thep festival 2017

Jai Thep Festival 2017, Chiang Mai’s New Music Festival

(February 2, 2017)

Jai Thep Festival 2017 bannerI know this post is coming a little late in the game for Jai Thep Festival 2017, Saturday, February 4th at Punpon Farm in Sarapi, Chiang Mai, but as they say, it’s better late than never.

Ok, so here goes; Over the past few months I’ve been noticing posts from Jai Thep Festival 2017 popping up on some of the Chiang Mai group pages on Facebook and then to my Festivals of Thailand’s group page. These posts, I thought, looked similar to an event that took place about a year or less ago, I was pretty sure it was the same one and if my memory serves, they offered live music and performing arts, face painting, dancing, mini circus, kids zone and workshops that was tied together in a kind of modern hippy art scene. I thought about going but like a lot of things, I tend to forget and before you know it, its missed. Too bad I thought, because I love that live outdoor concert vibe! Same or not, it looks interesting, I thought.

Yo Tom! What up?

After sharing Jai Thep Festival 2017’s post a few times, I was contacted by one of the organizers who offered to share more information if interested. Yeah, why not add this to FoT’s festival calendar, I thought, it would fit in nicely. So after going back and forth a few times, I met with Tom at the London Tearoom in the Nimman section of

Location for 2017

Chiang Mai and over a cup of coffee, Tom gave me the Jai Thep for Dummies lowdown. It turns out that the Tearoom is Jai Thep’s organizational ground zero. They also have killer for brownies for sale! Thick, dense chocolatey brownies! Yeah man, you might want to make a note of this. But I digress!

Sustainability and Going Green (AMAP)

One of the first things Tom mentioned was sustainability and going green (as much as possible). Immediately suggesting that Jai Thep is just getting started. In fact, he can already see the future for Jai Thep Festival to encompass a 3 day, Friday to Sunday weekend, possibly as soon as this December, and park the festival in December going forward.

But that’s the future, as for now, sustainability also means leaving as small a footprint as possible, plus giving back to the community. Let’s start with, offering free transportation to and from the festival with an advanced ticket purchase. This would result in fewer cars and gas consumption, reduced emissions and a smaller area for parking. They’ll also have biodegradable cups and a no trash philosophy. This of course can be helped by those who attend the festival by placing garbage in or along possibly overflowing trash bins, where they belong!

Tom felt it important for local kids to have the opportunity to attend as well. And Chiang Mai being a big college town,

Tom offered local college students a trade, free tickets for 5 hours of work. And considering that his staff is just over 100 in size (consisting of artists, builders and security), this would give a lot of local students an opportunity to join in as well.

Plus 10% of the proceeds will go to the School for Life in Doi Suket. As of yet unconfirmed but I have sent the school an email and awaiting their reply.

Free H20, Plus Food & Beverage for Sale & Emergency Services

FREE WATER for the entire event! But be smart, bring some of your own just in case! They’ll also have stalls for food and beverages as well as stalls to purchase gifts and souvenirs. An ambulance will be on hand just in case and oh and yeah, beer will also be for sale, so why not utilize the free transportation!

Don’t forget to pickup after yourselves!

Jai Thep Festival 2016

Punpon Farm, Sarapi, Chiang Mai

When: Saturday, February 4th, 2017
Where: Punpon Farm, Sarapi
All Day: 10am till Midnight
Admission: 650bt Advance Purchase (free transport with advanced purchase) / 700bt at the gate

For more information, please contact Jai Thep Festival 2017.

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