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Samoeng Strawberry

16th Annual Samoeng Strawberry Festival – February 10th thru 14th

(February 10th, 2017)

I possess only the very basic information regarding this years Samoeng Strawberry Festival for 2017. Often times, event schedule information is hard to come by for larger, more popular festivals, which makes it even more problematic for lesser known events in more remote locations such as Samoeng. So, what I offer you here is information based on experience rather than actual knowledge of exactly will happen on or at a certain time or date.

Trust me?

Good question! What I do know, is that this years Samoeng Strawberry Festival starts today, Friday, February 10th and will continue thru the weekend till Tuesday, February 14th. Now for what you’ll have to take a chance on; the parade should take place on Saturday, February 11th, beginning at 9am. Last year, I rode into town just as the parade was wrapping up at about 10am Saturday morning, so I’m guessing it will begin to unfold just as it did last year on Saturday morning. So, this year, I plan to arrive early, pitch my tent at Khun Khan National Park and head over, with camera in hand, and start snapping away (do we even do that anymore?) at about 9am.

So, if parades are your thing, plan to get going early! Expect traffic! You’ll probably experience less in the earlier hours. I’ll be on my trusty CBR250r, so traffic, though still annoying, is nothing compared being stuck in an automobile. I remember it taking about 1 hour and 30 mins to get there from the center of Mueang Chiang Mai, so you’ll have to do the math.

Festival of Strawberries

The markets start early and close late. There will be tons of strawberry products to buy of course. These are all available in Mueang Chiang Mai but at a much greater expense. Here you’ll find all the best prices for fresh, dried, and bottled strawberry items. Its worth the trip for this reason alone. Traffic will be the one drawback so plan accordingly.

The Stages

Last year there were three stages; one stage was dedicated to the beauty pageant contestants along with folk umbrella dancing and music, while the other two stages, exhibited contemporary music and dance. These stages tended to wake up as the sun went down and heated up as the moon rose into the night sky.

That’s about it for now, FoT’s Samoeng Strawberry Festival page to follow. Have fun!

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