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Memorial Event for the beloved late King Bhumibol Adulyadej

(Revised: Nov. 23rd, 2016)

Three Kings Monument lanna-nail-dancers-limelight999 Folk Nail Dancers and 299 Folk Male Choir

When: November 27th
Where: Three Kings Monument, Chiang Mai

On November 27th at Three Kings Monument a special memorial event will take place for the late HM the King Bhumibol Adulyadej. This event is sponsored by Chiang Mai’s Provincial Cultural Bureau and will honor the late King with Lanna style music and dance. Also in attendance will be Thailand’s Deputy Prime Minister, General Tanasak Patimapragorn.

The performers will include a 299 member Lanna folk male choir and 999 Lanna folk nail dancers performing a 9 minute candle dance. If you’re wondering why the number 9 is so prominent, that’s because he was the 9th monarch of the Chakri Dynasty, known as Rama IX. This is most likely why his coronation was on June 9th in 1946 and why the number 9 is central to this memorial. That said, and it almost goes without saying, that 9 is considered to be a very lucky. Which leads me to a report that I read on the BBC website about devotees getting tattoos in honor of the king and many are getting tattoos with just the number 9 in Thai script with artists charging either 9 or 99 baht per tattoo.

Once again this memorial event will take place on November 27th at Three King’s Monument and will begin at 4pm, with the opening ceremony commencing at 5pm.

Note: Nail dancer images were taken at 2016’s Umbrella Festival in Bo Sang, Chiang Mai.

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