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Umbrella Fest in bo sang

The Dates Are In For 2017’s Umbrella Festival!

(January 3, 2017)

Bo SangThe 2017 Handmade Umbrellas and Handicraft Festival will take place from Friday, January 20th to Sunday the 22nd.

The festival itinerary is typically not available until the day of the event, but the dates however are now available. You can pretty much expect this festival to take place on the third weekend of January every year, that said, they do not officially release the dates until only a few months or less prior to the event. This too applies to the even schedule, as it is not available until the day of the event each year, which could present a problem for travelers. But the event itself pretty much unfolds each year as it always has.  See below for last years event schedule, I think you can expect it to look much the same this year. That said, I will post this years event schedule if and when it is made available.


One Day Down and Still Two Days To Go!

(January 16, 2016)

Ok folks, here it is, the official festival schedule. Apologies in advance if this post looks kind of sloppy, but I’m posting from my iPhone 4 for the first and maybe the last time. Hugh pain in the arss! Is there a word for slow that means slow than slow? Well anyway, I hope you find this information useful since that’ll make the effort worth all the trouble. ENJOY 🙂

Festival Brochure – Jan. 15-17

Bo Sang Bound On An Information Scavenger Hunt

(January 10, 2016 @1pm)

I headed to Bo Sang right after work on Friday in an attempt to find what I was not able to acquire at the TAT, and that’s a festive itinerary for next weeks 33rd Handmade Umbrella and Handicrafts Festival in Bo Sang, Chiang Mai. This is the kind of information that’s important to travels who are usually pressed for time when trying to fit in as much as they can for the few days they spend in one location before moving on to another.

Entrance to Umbrella Fest - Bo SangOnce in Bo Sang, I made a beeline for the Umbrella Making Center to get me that event schedule, yeah boyiee! As I began to ask around it was made clear that a brochure would not be available until opening day on January 15th. 🙄 Wrap your head around that one and “Welcome to Thailand!” Oh well, it’s all good or as Thai people say, “sabi sabi.” Many of us expats fall in love with this attitude at first, but as time passes it can become equally frustrating when important stuff gets glossed over by a flip of a phrase. But truly, if one decides to live here, you have to embrace that lifestyle. This is not easy but if you try to fight it, the inevitable bitching of the endlessly annoying expat is born. It’s a trap that’s best avoided.

Anyway, moving on…

Ok, why am I in Bo Sang again? Oh yes, where oh where can I find this elusive event schedule? My next course of action was to walk down the street and ask local shop owners if they knew of a schedule that might be available and without exception they all pointed me back to the Umbrella Making Center. It didn’t take long to realize that my search was futile. So rather than ask for a schedule I started look for an English speaker who could give me a loose idea of how this festival might be expected to unfold.

Some People Are So Amazingly Helpful!

I stopped inside a local coffee shop and asked and again the response was that they didn’t know about a schedule and that I should go to the center. I said I had already been and figured why not sit down drink a ‘cup of joe’ and head to Chiang Mai. I wasn’t there more than five minutes when a man walks in and asks me in perfect English, if he can be of any help. And he certainly was! He gave me a rundown of approximately whats going to happen for each day and at what time. I would thank this gentleman for being so outgoing and hospitable. This is one of the reasons why people love Thailand, people really do go out of their way to help out. I have to find him during the festival and this time write his name down so I can give him a proper thanks. The following schedule is courtesy of Thai hospitality.

Approx. Schedule for the Handmade Umbrella & Handicrafts Festival
Bo Sang, Chiang Mai

umbrella fest - Beauty Contestants riding bikesFriday, January 15

10 or 11am – Umbrella Beauty Pageant participants will parade the length of the fair on bicycles dressed in traditional Thai clothing while holding beautifully colored umbrellas.
4 or 5pm – Grand Opening Ceremony – The Governor of Chiang Mai will deliver the opening remarks followed by some kind of show. This will take place on the main stage at the entrance of the festival which is just north of the intersection of 1006 & 1014 on 1014 opposite the Umbrella Making Center.
5 or 6pm – The Handmade Umbrella and Handicrafts Festival Featured Parade (approx. route) will immediately follow the opening ceremony and should begin near the main stage.
10 or 11pm – Festival Day Ends

Saturday, January 16

10 or 11am – Beauty pageant participants parade on bikes as they did the prior day (approx. route) .
3 or 4pm – Festival opens as the road closes to thru traffic, followed by beauty pageant participants going for their second ride of the day.
10 or 11pm – Festival Day Ends

Sunday, January 17

10 or 11am – Beauty pageant participants parade on bikes as they did the prior day.
3 or 4pm – Festival opens as the road closes to thru traffic. For the final day of the festival I’m not certain that the ladies of the Umbrella pageant parade on bike at the opening followed by beauty pageant participants going for their second ride of the day.
10 or 11pm – Festival Ends

For more information on the Handmade Umbrella and Handicrafts Festival click here.


Umbrella Festival, Bo Sang, Chiang Mai

(March 14, 2014 @ 3:22pm)

This years Umbrella Festival in Bo Sang, Chiang Mai was as colorful and festive and as hot as expected. It was an all day event, but really didn’t pick up till the sun went down.

Click here for photo album or for more information about the Umbrella Festival, click here

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