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Yi Peng Festival-King and Subject

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Schedule Update for 2016’s Yi Peng Festival “Loi Krathong” can be found here!

(October 24th, 2016)

Here you’ll find the official revised schedule for Chiang Mai’s three day Yi Peng Festival in both text and downloadable image forms.

Yi Peng Festival “Loi Krathong” in Chiang Mai and 99,999 Lanna Candles

Yi Peng Festival-parade-girl

(Revised; October 23rd, 2016)

Plus The Opening Ceremony and Parade Confirmed!

This should make for a wonderful cultural experience! If you would like to participate in the 99,999 Lanna Candle event on November 12th at 7pm, be sure to be wearing the appropriate conservative colors of white, black, navy blue or dark red clothing.

And like a lot of news here, they come light on details; the official schedule calls for a Traditional Candle Lighting from Nov. 12th – 15th, so I’m not sure if they intend to try for 99,999 candles on all four nights or just on the 12th, but be safe and plan for the 12th! And since the Opening Ceremony and Parade has been reinstated, I expect that they will go on as previously scheduled on November 13th. Also worth noting; the Official Schedule calls for two Opening Ceremonies, one on Nov 12th (6pm) at Three Kings Monument just before the 99,999 Candle Lighting Ceremony and one on Nov 13th (6:30pm) at Tha Phae Gate just before the Parade gets on the way. I can’t see how this could be a problem but as I said it was worth noting.

Now all you got to do is show up! And let me say it again, remember to wear the appropriate garments throughout the entire festival, it will make for a much better experience.


Straight from Tourism Authority of Thailand’s (TAT) New Department

(October 19th 2016)

On October 18th, the TAT released some valuable information for travelers and expats alike. Take a moment to read them, they could save you a lot of time and possible embarrassment. I’ve posted the links to the latest information concerning dress code and conduct, plus links concerning cancellation, postponements and closures for festivals, events and attractions.

Updated Visitor Information during Mourning Period (Oct. 18, 2106) TAT News
Updated Visitor Information during Mourning Period (Oct. 22, 2016) TAT News
TAT News Home Page

Yi Peng Festival Loi Krathong - king-bhumibol-adulyadej-greets-a-loyal-subjectJust In From Chiang Mai News

(October 17th, 2016 – 2:42pm)

Governor Reverses Cancellation: Loi Krathong is back on with Restrictions!

Chiang Mai News just released some information regarding an emergency Governor’s meeting for Chiang Mai. The translated text is below:

Yi Peng Chiang Mai, Intact But Cutting Out Entertainment Activities

“Mr. Pavin Chumni Body provincial governor of Chiang Mai. The agencies involved with the management Chiang Mai. An urgent meeting to review the Yi Peng Festival in Chiang Mai in 2559, which recently concluded. The organizers Yi Peng usual. By adjusting the pattern and cut out festive events and entertainment sector.”

Typically vague and unsatisfying news that begs for more questions. But what it does suggest, is that Loi Krathong will happen this November. However; anything resembling entertainment on the event schedule for the three days of the festival (parade, beauty contests, firework, etc.) will be canceled. I’ll update this post as is deemed necessary.


Nationwide Closures and Postponements

(October 17th, 2016 – 11:30am)

Regarding Closures and Postponements

I’ve also just received a couple of official notices distributed by the TAT regarding nationwide closures and postponements regarding festivals/events/government and royal buildings. These notices were released a few days ago, on the Oct. 15th, so some of you may already be aware of these closures and postponements, but I’m sure some are still trying to get a handle on whats going on. Please keep in mind that these closures and postponements are subject to change, and in fact should expect them to. So before making or canceling your plans, consult one or more of the links provided in the documents. You’ll also notice a lack of information regarding this years Yi Peng Festival “Loi Krathong” in Chiang Mai and other localities. For this you’ll need to consult local government officials wherever you may be residing.

Click on image below and right-click to “Save.”

Loi Krathong Has Been Canceled in Chiang Mai for 2016

(October 14th, 2016)

As reported by Chiang Mai City Life, in honor of King Bhumibol Adulyadej’s recent passing, this years 2016 Loi Krathong Festival has been officially canceled by Mayor Tassanai Buranupakorn of Chiang Mai.

At the moment, I’m not sure what this means for the “Mass Release” ceremony in Mae Sai or what kind of rippling effect this may have around the country. However; I am sure that we’ll be hearing a lot more about this in the coming days, so stay tuned everyone. That said, as of this moment, Loi Krathong as been officially canceled in Chiang Mai for 2016.


Update for 2016’s Alcohol and Lantern Release Restrictions Coming Soon

(October 4th, 2016)

Sweet! Loi Krathong is almost here! With it comes more restrictions every year. What all the restrictions are for 2016, I do not yet know. But what I do know is that it has been announced that people only can release lanterns on November 14th and 15th from 7pm to 1am. Look for more information to come, as I find out, I’ll pass that information on as soon as I can.

2016 Event Schedule and More Information Regarding Loi Krathong


74 Flights To And From CNX Canceled!

(November 22nd, 2015 – 12:30pm)

Just this morning I stumbled on an article in The Bangkok Post dated Nov 17th that states 74 flights to and from Chiang Mai have been canceled for Nov. 24th and 26th in order to avoid floating lanterns despite the 5 district ban. That’s what I call good thinking! Even with the strictest enforcement the ban is destined to fail anyway. That said, I haven’t noticed a relaxing of the ban for the stated days. Oh well, enjoy!


Alcohol Banned For Loi Krathong in Chiang Mai!

(November 21st, 2015 – 2:45pm)

Chiang Mai’s Mayor Tassanai Buranupakorn only a few days ago was discussing the possibility banning alcohol for the entirety of the Loi Krathong Festival, fearful of a dangerous mixture of the availability of fireworks and the expected high consumption of alcohol, has now decided as a public safety measure that a ban must be enforced. It appears the Provincial Governors have had similar concerns as they have implemented the ban as of November 20th.

I know this sounds like a big downer but as a survivor of a similar experience on New Years Eve a few years ago, I totally understand their concerns and happen to agree. That said, for those who have spent any time in Thailand, never mind Chiang Mai, are definitely thinking, “good luck with that!” I also happen to agree with that line of thinking. BUT, I’d prefer to put cynicism aside and believe the ban was implemented with only the public’s best interests in mind.


Five Districts in Chiang Mai Affected During “Loi Krathong” 2015

(November 12th, 2015 – 7:20pm)

(Schedule for the 2015 “Loi Krathong” Yi Peng Festival in Chiang Mai)

I’ve read about this in multiple major news publications online and yet I’m still talking to and reading comments from people who haven’t heard the news yet. So, I’m going to do my part to help disseminating this information.

Due to the potential dangers of floating lanterns interfering with air traffic in the skies above CNX in Chiang Mai, the only time you will be legally permitted to float lanterns is on the day of Loi Krathong, Nov 25th, from 10am to noon, and after 9pm. Beyond the main day of Loi Kratong, floating lanterns are strictly forbidden to be released into the skies in 5 districts of Chiang Mai (Updated: Nov, 21, 2015).

The following quote was pulled directly from ThaiPBS.

“The five districts where sky lanterns will be definitely banned (effective immediately, as far as I can tell) are Muang Chiang Mai,  Hang Dong, Nong Harn sub-district of San Sai district, Muang Kaew, Don Kaew, Rim Tai and Mai Sa sub-districts of Mae Rim district; and Nong Pueng, Kuew Mung, Dong Kaew, San Sai and Ta Wang Tan sub-districts of Saraphi district” (Updated: Nov, 21, 2015).

Maybe it’s just me, but I found the above statement a little confusing, for instance, I noticed that San Sai is listed both as a district and a sub-district, is this correct? I’m not sure. I also felt it was difficult to read because all of the districts and sub-districts were lumped together. No distinction was made that would allow the reader to differentiate between districts and sub-districts, not entirely anyway. And I don’t dare try to make sense of this for a variety of reasons, the greatest being, I don’t want to be held liable in any way. I’ll leave that up to the major publications.

I think it best to go by the old saying; “keep it simple stupid”; if you’re in Chiang Mai during Loi Krathong, DO NOT FLOAT LANTERNS except on November 25th within the 5 defined districts! It’s pretty much that simple and it’ll keep you out of trouble! Festivals are for having fun, so lets keep it that way (Updated: Nov, 21, 2015).

Source: ThaiPBS


Yi Peng Festival “Loi Krathong” 2015 Schedule Available Now!

(October 25th, 2015 – 9pm)


I just recently stopped by the tourist office in Chiang Mai to see if a schedule was available for this years celebration and was happy to see that it was!

From November 24th thru the 26th, it looks like this years Yi Peng Festival “Loi Krathong” in Chiang Mai will be buzzing with activities. Interested in what’s going on? Click here for the wheres and whens, plus links to locations for each event.

Fingers crossed that this year, and after living in and around Chiang Mai for the last four years, I won’t be sick. Not sure what that’s all about, but I plan to take a stupid number of pics to make up for lost time! 🙂

*Note: Still more to come regarding past experience and basic information regarding the festival itself.


2014 Festival Updates for Loi Krathong, Yi Peng Festival and Int. Balloon Festivals

(September 15th, 2014 – 10am)

As per the Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT), Chiang Mai Office:

Dates have been announced for the upcoming Loy Krathong, Yi Peng Festival and the Thailand International Balloon Festivals.

In order by date:
Yi Peng Lantern Festival (Official Free Event)
Date: October 25th – 2014
Location: Mae Jo University, Mae Jo, Chiang Mai

Loy Krathong Festival
Date: November 5-7, 2014
Location: Chang Klan Road, Chiang Mai Province

Yi Peng Lantern Festival (International – 400bt entrance fee)
Date: November 8th – 2014
Location: Mae Jo University, Mae Jo, Chiang Mai

Thailand International Balloon Festival
Date: December 6-7, 2014
Location: The Chiang Mai Gymkhana Golf Club, Chiang Mai

*NOTE: ALL festival dates are subject to last minute changes, please contact the Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT) for up to date information.

For more information, please contact the TAT Chiang Mai Office
Tel. +66 (0) 5324 8604, +66 (0) 5324 8607
E-mail: [email protected]
Facebook: amazingchiangmai

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